The second CreatINNES project meeting was held on April 17-18, 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria at Private High School “Educational Technologies”, hosted by Budakov Films EOOD.

The meeting gathered for two days the project partners from North Macedonia, Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria and according to the participants it was very productive as well as all planned activities were fully completed. The partners presented their contribution and achievements and discussed the analyses in terms of Intellectual Output 1 – Analysis and definition of qualification needs in CCI area. Based on the analyses and the follow up meetings, the learning needs were firmly defined and all modules topics were outlined. During the session, the partners discussed and admitted the framework of how the modules and their related units have to be developed and formatted – by embracing some more innovative challenges which go beyond the traditional stereotypes and developing student centric learning content based on the needs of the respondents.

In addition, a meeting with the leading Bulgarian digital agency – was conducted, kindly hosted by the co-founders: Dr. Georgi Malchev, Mr. Ivan Panteleev and Ms. Villyslava Kaloyanova – manager Design Team. Based on their extended local and international experience, they explained some valuable insights in terms of the workflow – how they conduct client meetings, how to present the creative idea successfully, design development, tips and tricks of how to test the effectiveness and go live as well as analysing the feedback and make certain improvements.

Throughout the meeting, the team explained in details the road they travelled since the time the company was established as a startup. Several insights, challenges and concrete obstacles regarding the cultural and creative industry were pointed out which were taken into consideration by the partners.

On the second meeting day, the CreatINNES consortium had another very useful meeting with Ms. Rositsa Veselinova – a young Bulgarian freelancer (graphic designer) and a teacher at Private High School “Educational Technologies”. She exposed some problems that most of the freelancers in Bulgaria face – how to finance their own business and how to sell their design artworks effectively. The meeting substantially contributed in terms of refining the learning objectives which lay out the module content regarding Intellectual Output 2 – developing a multi-lingual training program for blended learning in entrepreneurship for CCI freelancers and startups.
However, CreatINNES is a European project funded by the ERASMUS+ funding scheme 2018 – 2021. Behind CreatINNES, there are six European organizations from Bulgaria, Germany, France, Hungary, and North Macedonia, joined together in a strategic partnership, and dedicated to providing effective solutions to the educational and business needs of the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) via ”out-of-the-sector” thinking and goal-oriented training in business development. More information about the project you can find at:
Budakov Films EOOD extends its sincere gratitude to all participants who joined the meeting as well as to Mr. Georgi Malchev, Mr. Ivan Panteleev and Ms. Villyslava Kaloyanova from and Ms. Rositsa Veselinova from Private High School “Educational Technologies”  for their kind support and invaluable assistance.