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The Regio.Digi.Hub

Budakov Films Ltd  is delighted to be part of the KA2 Erasmus+ co-funded project The Regio.Digi.Hub (Project number: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-VET-000028118 ) which aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Development of an e-learning platform dedicated to innovation in regional development sector in order to better support the major economic, environmental and social shifts taking place and to place VET on regional development in a better position to address future developments through innovation.
  • Building the capacity of regional development VET system to embed innovation and digitalization.
  • Defining an own innovation and digitalization pathway for the regional development VET system appropriate to our stakeholders and especially to learners, employers and VET providers.
  • Developing an Innovative Training Methodology & define the Learning Strategies for new teaching and learning pedagogies in regional development education.
  • Elaboration of the course development with 3 modules validated of the 130 staff and trainers of the VET Centers.
  • Improvement of the educational skills of at least 24 staff from 8 partner organizations of 6 partner countries of the project by developing and conducting a Short-Term Joint-Staff Training.



Project Results

Budakov Films is excited to announce the commencement of Flavours of Europe (Project Nr. 2021-1-RO01-KA220-ADU-000029562Erasmus+ Program – KA2 Cooperation for inn ovation and the exchange of good practices), a project whose main objective is to enhance the digitalization of rural gastronomic heritage in Europe.
What do we aim for?
  • To develop a new educational curricula for increasing skills of more than 800 adults, especially women with reduced opportunities from deprived areas on building of inclusive community development through gastronomy heritage tourism.
What results do we want to achieve?
  • To produce a white paper on Gastronomy Cultural Heritage and Tourism Digital Marketing.
  • To create a training course on Digitalization of Rural Gastronomic Cultural Heritage in Europe.
  • To transfer to end-users an educational e-learning platform as an innovative teaching tool.



Project Results

Climate Change Académie

The Climate Change Académie is a project led by Budakov Films and funded by the EIT Climate KIC (RIS EduEx 2021 – Climate Academy). Our main goal is to bring the problem of climate change to the young generations of Bulgarians – it is happening here, now and will get much more serious in the very future. Our Climate Change Académie aims to encourage the young generation in Bulgaria to take urgent and immediate actions for reducing the climate change. Since education is a critical aspect in addressing the issue of climate change, our goal is to raise awareness by developing several case-studies & projects, embedding various aspects of the so-called “circular economy” in to the learning objectives of many undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as strengthening the collaboration between stakeholders and universities in terms of fostering co-creation for climate change adaptation and mitigation.




Working Days

Budakov Films Ltd  is honoured to be part of the KA2 Erasmus+ co-funded project 2020-1-DE03-KA227-SCH-093556  “Implement service learning in schools TO GET digital cultural HERitage enhanced” (TOGETHER). It is coordinated by the EBS Europäische Bildungsstiftung gGmbH and aims at fostering digital creativity of young generations by leveraging on service learning methodology and applying it to secondary schools. The project will engage students in activities of digital transformation for cultural heritage resources. However, the direct target group envisaged for the TOGETHER project are secondary school teachers and leaders, that are going to benefit from a new and innovative opportunity of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).





EU Digital Framework

Budakov Films Ltd is part of the European consortium EU Digital Framework (2020-1-IT01KA202-008386), which is a European project funded by the ERASMUS+ funding scheme 2020 – 2023. The project aims at developing a comprehensive and innovative language framework for Sign Languages related to the semantic domain of digital and ICT. Its purpose is to enhance the accessibility of deaf workers and deaf VET students to professional settings, favouring their full integration and fair treatment.





Budakov Films Ltd is part of the European consortium CreatINNES, which is a European project funded by the ERASMUS+ funding scheme 2018 – -2021. Behind CreatINNES, we are six European organizations from Bulgaria, Germany, France, Hungary, and North Macedonia, joined together in a strategic partnership, and dedicated to providing effective solutions to the educational and business needs of the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) via ”out-of-the-sector” thinking and goal-oriented training in business development.


blended programs


Training Modules

Competence requirements for wholesalers and foreign traders in Europe

Budakov Films Ltd together with a few high-quality European schools from Austria – LBS Theresienfeld, Lycée Professionnel Pierre Mendès (France), Šolski Center Ptuj (Slovenia)  are part of the of the Erasmus co-funded project “Competence requirements for wholesalers and foreign traders in Europe”.





Our Workflow


We analyse the situation at national and sector level in order to identify specific problems which the project could address.


Our company in a close conjunction with our European partners seek to identify common challenges and concrete problems that have to be solved.


Together with our partners we share the scope and cost of the project, the estimated duration of each task, the scheduling of activities and the role and responsibilities for each participant.


This is the phase where all the activities are conducted such us project meetings, exercises, events. Together with our partners we evaluate the progress of the project and also report all related activities in a timely manner.


We are using effective methodologies to assess the results and the impacts of the project throughout different stages. We can understand whether the social needs have been met and how we can improve our intervention in the future.


We effectively share our project results with potential users – peers in the field, industry, other commercial players and policymakers.