Embarking on a transformative journey in the realm of education, the UX for Teachers project emerges as a beacon of innovation and empowerment. This Small Scale Cooperation Partnership in the school sector (KA210-SCH), funded under the Erasmus+ Programme, is poised to reshape the landscape of digital education through the lens of User Experience (UX) Design. With a laser focus on secondary school teachers, trainers, and educators, the project strives to fortify their role in crafting student-centered digital environments, activities, and materials..

In a significant stride towards advancing digital education, Budakov Films has successfully completed the implementation phase of the ‘UX@Teachers’ project, co-funded by Erasmus+ (Pr. No: 2022-2-IT02-KA210-SCH-000097023), aimed to enhance the user experience (UX) for teachers through the development of a groundbreaking tool – the UX for Teachers Assessment Tool. The tool’s efficacy was rigorously tested during a meticulously planned pilot phase at the Private High School “Educational Technologies” (EduTech). The results are not only promising but also provide valuable insights into the transformative potential of digital tools in education.

Pilot Implementation at EduTech High School

The implementation of the ‘UX@Teachers’ project involved a carefully selected group of 5 teachers from the Private High School “Educational Technologies”. Chosen based on their expertise and willingness to participate, these teachers represented a diverse range of teaching styles and subjects. This diversity ensured that the UX for Teachers Assessment Tool was tested comprehensively in various teaching scenarios.

The testing period spanned three weeks (02 – 23.01.2024), during which teachers integrated the Assessment Tool into their day-to-day teaching activities. The period was structured into multiple sessions, allowing for a thorough examination of different aspects of the tool, including usability, functionality, and its impact on teaching efficiency.Positive Feedback from Participants

The participants reported positive experiences with the UX for Teachers Assessment Tool, recognizing its effectiveness in improving digital educational materials and environments. The user-friendly design and focus on creating student-centered digital environments were particularly well-received. All teachers reported a noticeable improvement in their ability to design and implement student-centered digital resources and environments. This improvement was attributed to the valuable insights and guidance provided by the Assessment Tool. The teachers observed enhanced engagement and motivation among students, attributing these positive changes to the improved materials.

Strengths of the Assessment Tool

The teachers identified several strengths of the UX for Teachers Assessment Tool during the pilot phase. Notably, its user-friendly design was praised for making it accessible to teachers with varying levels of tech proficiency. The tool’s emphasis on student-centered learning and its potential to improve engagement in distance learning were also highlighted.

A significant strength of the tool is its contribution to strengthening the role of teachers in designing digital learning environments. It enhances teachers’ competences in assessing, designing, and implementing effective digital environments and materials. Moreover, the tool assists teachers in analyzing students’ perceptions and creating more engaging digital materials.

Recommendations for Future Development

While the feedback was predominantly positive, teachers expressed concerns about the rigidity of the educational system and potential resistance to change. They suggested that future development of the Assessment Tool should consider expanding its scope to include administrative software, not just pedagogical materials. This recommendation reflects the need for a holistic approach to digital tools that addresses both instructional and administrative aspects of education.

The successful implementation and testing of the UX for Teachers Assessment Tool at Private High School “Educational Technologies” mark a significant achievement for the ‘UX@Teachers’ project. Budakov Films, through this initiative, has demonstrated the potential of digital tools in empowering teachers and transforming the educational experience. The positive feedback from participants, coupled with valuable recommendations, paves the way for future developments in the field of digital education, highlighting the importance of user-friendly design and a comprehensive approach to improving teaching practices.

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