On October 2nd 2019, CreatINNES launched its first multiplier international event in Budapest entitled “Entrepreneurship and Creativity – One Plus More than Two” dedicated on creativity and entrepreneurship. Co-organizers of the event were the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and the Central European University Innovation Lab 2019.
The main goal of the event was to promote dialogue between creative and cultural industries, digital technology companies and financial investors and to foster entrepreneurial skills in the creative and cultural industries. 
The multiplier event was moderated by Mr. Barnabas Malnay, managing director at
business development and media production services company Teleberry and partner at the hardware and IoT focused seed fund SmartWare.tech. 
However, Dr. Wolfgang Kniejski who is a serial entrepreneur, senior business developer and innovation management expert focusing on technology transfer and SME development leaded a freeside chat session, called “Entrepreneurship and Creativity – When One Plus One is More than Two”. 
Another very productive panel launched by the Andrea Kozma (director at Central European University’s Innovations Lab), Emőke Krigler-Tóth of Joyrider, Michael Bist of TheTailorNetwork, and Ákos Csertán of Frontìra shed more light in terms of how to create economic opportunities for the Creative Industries. 
The audience was extremely astonished by the inspiring talk delivered by Dr. Petyo Budakov, entitled “Visual Branding and Corporate Identity”. Dr. Budakov is a managing director at ad agency and graphic design studio “Budakov Films”, a visiting professor at Dekra Hochschule für Medien, Berlin, Germany.

He presented the corporate identity through three different themes: coherence, symbolism and positioning. Dr. Budakov defines the coherence as a logical relation between all brands’ elements which participate in the corporate design, e.g. it also refers with a consistency of the visual style, tone of voice and etc. which shape the visual brand equity in general. He describes the symbolism as a way to communicate the main corporate values with the potential customers as well as presenting the brand philosophy through a complex system of signs and visual motifs. Furthermore, Dr. Budakov presented the bachelor and the master programs offered by Dekra Hochschule für Medien, University of Applied Sciences as well as illustrating some of the top-ranked student projects. He said: Dekra Hochschule für Medien offers a unique learning and professional experience and exposes you to a lot of things you might not otherwise learn or experience. You will be learned from the best in the industry high-qualified professors to evaluate things and to think critically, meet like-minded people, establish strong connection with progressive employers and become a more independent person.” 
Finally, Mr. Dimitar Smiljanovski who is a project officer at the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation (MEDF) closed the event with his talk “Planning, Managing, and Visualizing the Entrepreneurial Journey”.
However, a large number of companies and freelancers working in the creative and cultural industries as well as representatives of high-tech businesses that value creativity and financial investors attended on the event.