We’re so inspired! Magic is the word which comes to mind if we need to describe the first in person meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria as part of the project FEMINA. Women from the creative cultural sector gathered together in order to share how they feel at their workplace, what their challenges and aspirations are. The focus interview which will define the project’s learning objectives, was conducted by Ms. Ekaterina Vasileva, Budakov Films Project Manager. Freelance photographers, cinematographers, entrepreneurs, illustrators, graphic designers, handmade artists, actors, writers and culinary female artists discussed what they need in order to boost their career and feel successful and equally valued in the sector.

Photo: Ekaterina Vasileva, Budakov Films

What’s next?

The answers will be thoroughly analyzed and summed up in a document specifying the main obstacles that women face when it comes to establishing their own entity or starting their freelance job in the CCS. Then the project partners will start working on a digital training program focused on fostering women’s digital skills, entrepreneurship and creativity. 

Photo: Ekaterina Vasileva, Budakov Films


The project partners (Budakov Films and LCL Lab) found out that 73% of the freelancers who collaborate with them are male which leads to a conclusion that there is a wide gender gap in the CCS. FEMINA (Project №: 2022-1-LU01-KA210-VET-000081625) aims to change that and break the barriers linked to education, job, entrepreneurship and social inclusion that stands in front of women who are involved in the cultural and creative sector (CCS) across Europe.

Stay tuned! The best is yet to come!
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