In the heart of Milan, a city known for its innovation and cultural richness, an impactful four-day training session titled “Improving Access to Quality and Inclusive Services in Education” brought together public administration officers from Romania, associated with the North-East Romania Regional Development Agency (NERDA). Organized by the European Digital Learning Network ETS and co-funded by the EU, this event offered participants an immersive experience in cutting-edge educational methods and digital tools. The training, featuring distinguished speakers and hands-on sessions, marked a significant step towards enhancing educational quality and inclusivity across Europe.

In a significant stride towards enhancing educational quality and inclusivity, the European training session titled “Improving Access to Quality and Inclusive Services in Education” recently took place in the vibrant city of Milan, Italy. This transformative four-day event, organized by the European Digital Learning Network ETS and co-funded by the EU, gathered public administration officers from across Romania, associated with the North-East Romania Regional Development Agency (NERDA). The participants embarked on a journey to explore and embrace cutting-edge educational methods, ensuring a broad and inclusive educational infrastructure.

A Stellar Opening by Gianluca Coppola

The training session was inaugurated by Gianluca Coppola, the visionary President of the European Digital Learning Network ETS. With a distinguished career as an entrepreneur and expert in education and training policies, Coppola’s opening remarks set an inspiring tone for the event. His extensive experience in fostering research-academia-business cooperation and his role in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship resonated deeply with the participants, laying a solid foundation for the intensive learning sessions that followed.

Prof. Dr. Petyo Budakov: Pioneering Innovative Educational Methods

A highlight of the training was the insightful sessions led by Prof. Dr. Petyo Budakov, the Managing Director of Budakov Films. Prof. Budakov’s expertise in online education methods was brought to the forefront through a series of hands-on training sessions. His presentation, “Empowering Education and Sustainability Through Innovative Digital Tools,” was particularly impactful.

In this session, Prof. Budakov introduced learners to the latest trends in the sustainable UI/UX innovation and the implementation of AI-driven design. Participants were challenged to identify specific educational problems and prototype mobile applications using the methodologies and digital tools presented. Working in small teams, the learners showcased their innovative solutions, reflecting the practical application of the knowledge gained.

Exploring E-Learning and Gamification

Throughout the training, Prof. Budakov also delved into the latest innovations in digital learning, presenting practice-proven case studies that highlighted effective e-learning methods and the power of gamification in education. These sessions underscored the importance of creating engaging and interactive learning environments to enhance student outcomes and promote sustainable educational practices.

Reflections and Positive Feedback

At the conclusion of the training, participants were encouraged to reflect on their key takeaways. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the opportunity to learn from esteemed professionals and to collaborate with peers from different regions. The insights gained from the training are expected to have a lasting impact on their professional practices and the educational services they oversee.

Distinguished Speakers and Panels

The training session featured a roster of esteemed professionals who delivered engaging panels and workshops. Notable contributors included:

  • Mr. Enrico Dolza, Director of Instituto dei Sordi di Torino, who brought invaluable insights into inclusive education.
  • Prof. Gabriele Uzzo, PhD, from the University of Palermo, who shared his expertise in digital didactics.
  • Mr. Dimitris Tolis, MSc, MBA, PMP®, PM², an entrepreneur from HATEC in Thessaloniki-Greece, who offered perspectives on entrepreneurial approaches to education.
  • Carmine Pacente, from the Municipality of Milano, who discussed local educational initiatives and policies.

A Resounding Success

The “Improving Access to Quality and Inclusive Services in Education” training session in Milan was a resounding success. The collaborative efforts of the organizers, trainers, and participants resulted in a rich exchange of knowledge and ideas. The training underscored the crucial role of innovative digital tools in shaping the future of education and fostering sustainable development. As participants return to their respective roles in public administration, the impact of this training is poised to ripple through the educational landscape, driving positive change and inclusivity.

Through events like these, the European Digital Learning Network ETS continues to pave the way for a more inclusive, innovative, and sustainable educational future, empowering educators and administrators to make a lasting difference in their communities.