This year’s World Usability Day conference was held in Tallinn, Tallinn University, Estonia on 2nd of November. It was focused on AI, Service Design, Graphic Design and new tools for improving your day-to-day tasks. 12 top UX speakers delivered awesome talks such as: Dr. Petyo Budakov (co-founder of, Joe Macleod (Founder at andEnd), Lauren Kelly (Founder at Behaviour Studio), Emily Hinks (Mischief Makers) and many more.

In 30-minute-talks, the speakers presented their work in front of 500 international guests and many others who watched its livestream online. However, Dr. Budakov presented his most recent research, focused on the pictograms design and how to deliver quick and effective visual communication by using signs and icons. He exposed some case studies and examples from real-world projects and also outlined some trends and problems in terms of the consumption of the pictograms among different cultures. 

During the breaks, the World Usability Day became a place for high-level Q&A where the audience asked questions and engaged in discussions with speakers. 

Watch the recorded conference here: