3D models

3D Design

The Challenge

CGI has a strong and essential impact on the interior designer’s workflow and today’s clients have very high expectations regarding how their projects will be illustrated. However, lenders and investors are looking for an effective marketing approach that would facilitate the sales of incomplete properties by providing buyers with a clear vision and precise idea of their future homes.

The Solution

The application of the 3D rendered images has its strong impact on the real-estate marketing – we design 3D models in order to promote the sale of property by providing lenders and investors with a good understanding of the project’s vision.

More Info

The high-realistic 3D virtual projects significantly facilitate the sales of incomplete properties. Obviously, the economic benefits are also present – instead of using some less attractive two-dimensional sketches, wasting time until the property is accomplished and then hiring a photographer to take the photos, Budakov Films Ltd is capable to do all this in advance.