Company Name


Brand Strategy
Corporate Identity

The Challenge

Adacademy® is an international online vocational training school which is a spin-off project of Budakov Films Ltd. It aims to deliver high quality e-learning advertising courses. Adacademy’s curriculum reflects the professional aspects of the advertising industry by implementing graphic design techniques with visual communication. The main challenge alongside with the establishment of the whole corporate identity was to encourage the people to take courses in applied sciences completely online without any face-to-face meetings with their mentors.

The Solution

Since it is a spin-off projects, we had to brief ourselves (not an easy task). The most important goal was to make sure we have a very clear understanding of what this project is all about. We asked ourselves the following questions:

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  • What are the prime objectives of this project?
  • Why is this project necessary?
  • Why is it necessary to do this project now?
  • What business outcomes do we want?
  • What are the most critical aspects of this project?
  • Who is our target audience?
  • What “tone of voice” is effective for visual communication?
  • How we can change people’s mind?

Before we started sketching, the very first thing to do was to articulate the message we wanted the Adacademy’s logo to convey. We wrote a one-sentence image and mission statement to help focusing our efforts.