Project Name


Brand Strategy
Corporate Identity
Website and Social Media

The Challenge

CreatINNES is a European project funded by the ERASMUS+ funding scheme 2018 – 2021. Behind CreatINNES, we are six European organizations from Bulgaria, Germany, France, Hungary, and North Macedonia, joined together in a strategic partnership, and dedicated to providing effective solutions to the educational and business needs of the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) via ”out-of-the-sector” thinking and goal-oriented training in business development. The main challenge here was to create an attractive visual communication that would engage varied target market – on the one hand people who are not involved in the creative sector and on the other hand those who are active into the CCI.

The Solution

Corporate identity clearly is a disciplined process that is used to cement customer loyalty and extend awareness as well. Therefore, before we sketched the concept of the CreatINNES logo, we did a plenty of research in order to specify the visual preference of our users.

The trademark we designed, possess the following characteristics:

  • Bold, memorable and appropriate;
  • Immediately recognizable;
  • Provides a consistent perception of the Erasmus Plus co-funded project “CreatINNES”;
  • Clearly communicates the project’s traits;
  • Has constant value;
  • Works well across different media and scale;
  • Works both in black and white and in colour;

In order to design a powerful logo, we had to establish a cultural connection between the brand of CreatINNES and its consumers.

In a consumer-driven economy, the contemporary logos should reflect the social and cultural context. Therefore, our team employed the so-called “experiential design” technique which usually brings additional benefits for the corporate identity by involving the human factor.


The utilization of emotional design was of great importance for creating the CreatINNES brand personality. We sketched the brand as if it was a real person and it allowed us to effectively communicate the main project message by provoking strong desires and aspirations. By regarding CreatINNES as a person we considered it as masculine or feminine, contemporary and art, elegant or smart-casual and etc.

We chose the right design tools (colours, gradients, fonts, spaces between each letter, icons & pictograms and etc.) that enabled the brand of CreatINNES to attract its beneficiaries on an emotional level by creating trust and long-term relations between them.

However, in order to boost the brand awareness of CreatINNES, we designed a large number of items, such as: logo, website, letterhead, business card, envelope, USB-sticks, internal communication documents, bus stop billboard, roll-ups, product packaging, UI/UX of the learning management system and etc.